Holy cow 4 servers!

We now have FOUR servers up playing the Bat Knight game!  Look to the right side over there to get the ip’s for the games.   Big things are happening behind the scenes and I wish I could talk about them with you guys but they will be revealed soon.  Let’s go play!

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New VIP Mission!

Hey guys! We have a new VIP mission on the build server over at build.thebatknight.com.
The mission is to build a area to be transported to when dead! If you want to help out but are not yet VIP, click HERE to get VIP today!

Good luck and happy BatKnighting!

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Hey guys!

We now have a store for MinerCore, where all our mini-game merch will be available!
At the moment we have BatKnight merch but we will soon have all sorts of shirts and thongs for all our minigames!
Head over and get yours: HERE!

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Up again! (this time we mean it)

OK SO…we had some troubles with the hub this weekend.  So, what we decided to do is for now just go back to original setup.  You can reach all our games by using their old ip’s.





build.thebatknight.com  (VIP ONLY SERVER)


They’re all up and we should have no issues with them this way!  Get to playing!

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Up again!

Well we’re back online at the moment.  Hopefully that will be the last attack.  If not we will be moving to a different server host in the near future that can help with the DDoS attacks moreso.  So one way or another we will get us back up and running properly.  Thanks for sticking with us!

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Another attack

Just a heads up we got hit again by another DDoS attack and so the servers have gone down again.  We are looking into a solution for this problem.  Keep your heads up guys!  We’ll figure this out.

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Servers are back online!

The servers are back online after being down from the DoS attack we received yesterday.  Hop on and play!

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DoS Attack

We were just hit with a large DoS attack on the hub and so the server company shut it down for the next 12 hours.  We should be back up then.  Sorry guys!  Looks like the Jester is causing some mayhem!

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We’re back up!

Just to let you know the hub is back up and running!  Also, we have started the next mission on the VIP Build server.  Log in now to create a store for the new Three Pines Mall!  Should be a great build!  What are you waiting for?

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Please pardon our mess!

So we screwed up and had a setting incorrect on our new hub and a wonderful person decided to exploit it and grief the server hub.  Bench3 is out of town so I am going to revert it back to pre-hub status and he can put his backup back online when he gets home.  Everyone should thank this guy for being a troll!


We appreciate you ruining it for everyone, pat333!

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